Our largest model, the BioLet/MullToa 65, is the only Swedish-manufactured biological toilet that is environmentally approved and has the Swan Nordic Ecolabel.


Ecolabel testing BioLet/MullToa 60 English version - pdf
Ecolabelling of Closed Toilet Systems - pdf

What Nordic Ecolabel means

What does it mean that a toilet is Nordic Ecolabel approved?
A Swan Nordic Ecolabel means that the product has been tested and environmentally approved in accordance with criteria established by the Environmental Protection Authority, the National Board of Health and Welfare and the Consumer Protection Agency in Sweden, Norway and Finland. This involves the most extensive testing and includes both environmental testing and quality controls. If you want the most environmentally-friendly biological toilet, the Swan Nordic Ecolabel is a safe bet. BioLet/MullToa ist he only brand on the market with this label. The most important controls:

• Materials - One control density, mechanical and electrical components, ventilation as well as odor.

• Function - One put waste (urine and faeces) equivalent to the amount of four persons on a permanent basis. Per day it becomes 5 liters of urine, 1 liters faeces and 100 grams of toilet paper This is done over a longer period in order to examine the final product. They have standards for what may remain in terms of bacteria and what should remain of nutrients.

• The final product - is checked for thermotolerant coliform bacteria, pH, Kjeldahl nitrogen, odor and texture.

• Requirements on instructions - One installs and manages the toilet after our accompanying instructions.