Q & A

How often do I need to empty the humus tray?
With continuous use, you will normally need to empty the humus tray every four to six weeks. In a summer cottage, this means once or twice per season.

Is the compost ready to use immediately?
If emptying takes place before the start of the season in spring, which is most common, you can empty the contents of the tray directly onto your flower beds. (If you empty during the season, you may need to compost the contents of the tray further, before spreading it on your garden. To be on the safe side, contact your local authority to find out about local regulations.)

How can such a small tray last that long?
That's what's so great...
As the liquid evaporates and the waste composts while the toilet is in operation,the volume reduces significantly. What you empty is only around 5-10 per cent of the original volume.

How do I avoid odours?
Correctly installed, there will be no odour in the room where the toilet is located, regardless of whether the toilet is switched on or off. Correct installation is vital for odour-free operation.

What is most important for installation?
The most important thing is to follow the simple instructions carefully, as the installation affects the capacity of your BioLet/MullToa toilet. The toilet room must remain at 18°C or above, while the toilet is being used. The pipework is also important since the liquid needs to be evacuated. For this reason, you should avoid using too many bends, or bends that are too sharp, and remember to insulate all pipework outside the toilet room. Uninsulated pipes and sharp bends reduces the air flow, which affects capacity.

Why should the toilet be switched off when you leavethe house for longer than two days?
In order to retain the moisture content as long as possible, even during periods when it is not in use. This aids the composting process and also saves energy.

How much air does the toilet need?
The evacuation level is only around 20-25 cubicmetres an hour, but it is important to have a wall ventthrough the outer wall to provide adequate air supply.

Can I have a shower in the same room?
It is absolutely fine to have a shower in the same room. Do not add another fan. Instead, let the toilet evacuate all the air from the room.

Should the ventilation pipe go up through the roof or out through the wall?
As long as you meet the toilet's installation requirements, both options work fine. However, going up through the roof has major benefits from a ventilation perspective, as there is minimum air resistance.

Do you need to use special toilet paper?
No, use whatever toilet paper you are happy with.

Can the toilet cope with the cold?
Yes, when the toilet is not in use, there are no problems if the temperature in the toilet room falls below zero.

Can I install it myself?
Yes, you can. You need an earthed electrical socket. The rest of the installation you can do yourself. Remember to follow the instructions, point by point.