The MullToa 15 is based on the same principles as the MullToa 25. The MullToa 15 is suitable for anyone willing to do a little more themselves and pay particular attention to product maintenance.

After each use, turn a few turns of the handle, so that the compost is mixed. Whit help of an adjustable thermostat you can adjust the capacity of the MullToa to the actual use. For increased evaporation and capacity the MullToa 15 has dual-element and a two-stage thermostat just like the other models.

For users not afraid of a little extra maintenance and who need to cope with the seasonal use of up to three people, the MullToa 15 is the best option.When it comes to the environment, it is just as good as the larger models. And when it comes to your wallet, it's the best.

1-3 people for seasonal use.
Max power:
330 W.
Height 65 x Width 55 x Depth 71 cm.
Required floor space:
55 x 110 cm.