BioLet/Mulltoa 65 ai was the first biological toilet in a compact model that’s been approved by Miljömärket Svanen. This approval was based on BioLet/Mulltoa 65 ai meeting all the test criteria that had been established by Nordisk Miljömärkning assigned by Konsumentverket, Socialstyrelsen and Naturvårdsverket.

Environmental documents

3052 0005 3.0 Swedish Ecology AB Certifikat Sverige - pdf
3052 0005 3.0 Swedish Ecology AB ENG NAG Sweden - pdf
Miljömärkning avloppsfria toaletter - pdf
Miljömärkning av BioLet/Mulltoa 60 - pdf
Ecolabel testing BioLet/MullToa 60 English version - pdf
Ecolabelling of Closed Toilet Systems - pdf

What Svanenmärkt meant

What did a Svanen approval on a toilet mean?
The Svanen approval wasn’t just an environmental validation, but also a quality assurance. Because the tests were that extensive, many other toilet systems on the market didn’t stand a chance at meeting the criteria. The tests were performed at an appointed, neutral test facility. The most noteworthy controls were:

• Material - It was made sure that it was sealed tightly, mechanical and electric components, ventilation and smell.

• Function - An amount of waste (urine and feces) was added, equal to that of four people at permanent use. That’s 5 liters of urine, 1 liter of feces and 100 grams of toilet paper a day. This was done under a long period of time in order to examine the end product. There were norms for what was allowed to remain in form of bacteria and nutrient salts.

• The end product - Was controlled in regards to thermo tolerant coliform bacteria, pH, Kjeldahl nitrogen, smell and consistency.

• Demands on instructions - The toilet was installed and cared for in accordance to our included instructions and guidelines.