The BioLet/MullToa 65 is our flagship and offers everything you could dream of in terms of a toilet with no drainage or water. It is the market's only Swedish-manufactured biological toilet that is environmentally approved and has the Swan Nordic Ecolabel. The toilet has a large capacity and can cope with year-round use by four people. It's so comfortable, it's easy to forget that the BioLet/MullToa 65 is not simply an ordinary water toilet. In order to be environmentally approved, the BioLet/MullToa 65 has passed the most comprehensive tests around for challenging biological toilets in terms of environmental requirements, functional requirements and quality.

Apart from its capacity, two practical indicators (for emptying and liquid control) and the fact that the compost cover has double functions, meaning that it opens regardless of whether you want to sit or stand, this toilet is identical to its little brother, the BioLet/MullToa 55.

4-6 people for seasonal use,
4 people for permanent use.
Max power:
355 W.
Height 66 x Width 65 x Depth 81 cm.
Required floor space:
65 x 135 cm.