The BioLet/MullToa 55 is like the flagship BioLet/MullToa 65, except that the capacity for normal use and temporary overload is not quite so extensive. If you don't need a toilet that can cope with year-round use by four people, but works fine for a complete season in your cottage, the BioLet/MullToa 55 is probably the best model for you.

The BioLet/MullToa 55 can cope with the seasonal use of four people,and the practical humus tray only needs to be emptied once a season with normal use. As the composting process in a BioLet/MullToa toilet occurs naturally in the toilet itself, what is produced is pure humus that can be returned to nature. Could it get any simpler or more convenient? More sustainable or environmentally-friendly?

4 people for seasonal use.
Max power:
355 W.
Height 65 x Width 55 x Depth 71 cm.
Required floor space:
55 x 110 cm.