The BioLet/MullToa 25 is the big brother of our smallest offering. The BioLet/MullToa 25 is suitable for the seasonal use of one to three people. As with the other family members, the composting process takes place right there, in the toilet itself. No chemicals – just nature. What needs to be emptied from the tray before the start of the season has become humus, which is simply returned to nature.

A motor automatically mixes the compost after each use. This avoids guests or children needing to remember the otherwise mandatory “flushing”. For the lazy user, the BioLet/MullToa 25 is an ideal choice when there are up to three people in your holiday cottage.

1-3 people for seasonal use.
Max power:
300 W.
Height 65 x Width 55 x Depth 71 cm.
Required floor space:
55 x 110 cm.